What solutions to deal with the threat of light drones and vagrant ammunition?

At the start of the Russian offensive against Ukraine, the balance of power, particularly in terms of available firepower, was so much in favor of the Russian forces that it seemed very difficult, if not impossible, for the Ukrainian forces could withstand more than a few weeks in the face of the onslaught of fire and steel that was to come. However, the Ukrainian command managed to use its available means to the best of its ability to exploit the opponent's weaknesses, such as the need to stay on paved paths and roads, to harass with mobile and determined infantry units, the Russian logistics lines , while blocking mechanized offensives by…

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German Rheinmetall presents the Lynx 120, a new high-performance medium tank

In August 2021, we published on Meta-Défense an analysis highlighting the relevance, for armies and the French defense industry, of developing a medium tracked armored platform and a high-performance medium combat tank, allowing, among other things, to make up for a major capacity deficit in the Army in terms of high-intensity combat between now and the arrival of heavy armored vehicles from the Franco-German MGCS program at the end of the next decade. Indeed, with only 200 economically modernized Leclerc tanks, and 650 VBCI infantry combat vehicles now more suitable for low and medium intensity, than for…

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Germany wants a European close air defense program SHORAD

Close anti-aircraft defense is undeniably one of the great vulnerabilities of modern European armies. After 30 years of asymmetrical engagements during which the air threat was non-existent or controlled by air power alone, Western armed forces gradually saw their short-range anti-aircraft systems from the Cold War, such as the Franco-French Roland German, or the British Rapier, withdrawn from service, sometimes to be replaced by short-range infantry anti-aircraft missiles such as the Mistral and the Stinger. However, if these missiles do indeed provide a timely response to engage aircraft, they do not, however, offer any advanced detection system allowing…

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With the Skyranger 30, Rheinmetall positions itself on SHORAD systems in Europe

With the return of the threat of so-called High Intensity conflicts, i.e. opposing heavily equipped armies and having access to advanced technologies, many European armies were again interested in close anti-aircraft defense systems, or SHORAD (Short Range Air Defense) for the English acronym, in order to be able to protect mobile forces and sensitive sites against combat aircraft, helicopters or cruise missiles. But the central role that drones and roving ammunition played by Azeri forces during the 2020 Nagorno Karabakh war highlighted the urgency…

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