China's new on-board fighter will be unveiled before the end of 2021

The Naval Forces of the People's Liberation Army have experienced a meteoric rise over the past 20 years, going from a technologically very backward navy specialized in the defense of a restricted naval perimeter around the country, to a high-level military power. capable, in many aspects, of competing with the best navies in the world. Today, it aligns 10 heavy assault ships with a flight deck, including two Type 075 LHDs comparable to the US Navy's America-class LHAs, around thirty Type 052 destroyers and Type 055 heavy destroyers, as many frigates anti-submarine warfare Type 054A, sixty coastal anti-submarine warfare corvettes…

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FC-31 stealth fighter approaches Chinese air force

Developed by the Shenyang company, the 5th generation FC-31 Gyrfalcon fighter has experienced many adventures since its first flight in October 2012. Initially designed as a response to the American F-35, this 16,8 m long fighter for 12 meters wingspan is much more compact than the imposing J-20, which is 3 meters longer, and above all heavier by more than 7 tons at take-off at 32 tons, while the FC-31 aimed for 25 tons, placing the aircraft in the Rafale and F-35 category. But where the J-20 met an expectation of the Chinese air force, the FC-31 does not…

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China takes major milestone in military turbojets

After 35 years of effort, the Chinese aeronautical industry has finally succeeded in developing a sufficiently reliable and efficient version of its WS-10 turbojet engine to equip a series single-engine combat aircraft. Indeed, a snapshot leaked on Chinese social networks recently shows a J-10C single-engine fighter of the People's Liberation Army Air Force (FAAPL) equipped with the WS-10B version of this engine, confirming that the latter has now reached the criteria required, particularly in terms of reliability and performance, to equip this type of device. So far, even if the Chinese J-11, J-15 and J-16 twin-engine fighters had already started their conversion to…

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Chinese Shenyang announces the development of a new generation hunter… again!

It is through a publication on its WeChat page that the Chinese aeronautical giant Shenyang, which belongs to the AVIC consortium and which has developed, among other things, the J-11, J-15 and J-16 fighters equipping the Chinese air and naval air forces , announced that it has started research to develop a new generation fighter, presented as 5th generation in China and known as 6th generation in the West, whose entry into service is estimated in 2035. For purposes of understanding, we will use in the rest of the article the classification of Western generations. Concomitantly, the company also announced that it had started the development of a 5th generation fighter at…

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Modern Chinese fighter planes

At the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s, the Chinese air forces were equipped for the most part with locally-made aircraft with performances much lower than those of Western aircraft such as the F15, F16, F18 or Mirage 2000, or Soviets like the Mig 29 or the Su27. Chinese industry could then only produce devices that were at least one generation behind with regard to the technological standard of the moment. In the space of a generation, Chinese-made aircraft displaying performance comparable to the most modern aircraft in service in the American or European air forces have come into use.

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