What are the 4 pillars that will make China the world's military superpower in 2035?

With 2 million soldiers, less than 3000 modern tanks, a thousand 4th generation combat aircraft and only 2 aircraft carriers and around XNUMX destroyers, the Chinese armies are, on paper at least, far from representing an adversary potential beyond the reach of the United States, let alone the Western camp as a whole. However, the military construction undertaken by Beijing for thirty years is today the obsession of American soldiers and strategists, to the point that all the material and doctrinal developments undertaken across the Atlantic over the past ten years are only aimed at to contain the rise of the Chinese armies. In fact, beyond...

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Beijing increases military pressure on India in the Himalayas

Recourse to the military threat seems to have become the rule for Beijing when one of its neighbors does not comply with its demands. In addition to the widely commented case of Taiwan, with numerous naval and air exercises and increasingly threatening rhetoric from the Chinese authorities and the national press against the independent island, it is now the turn of the India to have to face increasingly explicit threats, and increasingly important and dense military exercises along its eastern border with the People's Republic of China, in particular on…

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