Washington hardens the tone vis-a-vis Moscow in the Ukrainian crisis

While many observations have confirmed the increase in the number of Russian soldiers deployed along the Ukrainian borders, to the east facing the Donbass, in Crimea but also in Belarus, where no less than 30.000 Russian soldiers are being deployed, and that the Russian fleet has begun vast naval maneuvers in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Sea bringing together 140 military ships, Washington has decided to considerably harden its tone in recent hours, in a joint action carried out at the White House, but also at the Pentagon, in the Congress and at the United Nations, in an atmosphere reminiscent of the darkest hours…

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These 5 international crises that threaten world peace

In just a few weeks, several areas of international tension have evolved into crises threatening to turn into open conflict, with a significant risk of extension, to the point of threatening even peace on a planetary scale. Indeed, these major crises have this in common that they all involve, directly or indirectly, nuclear nations that are permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, most of the time facing each other. In this article, we will provide a quick summary of the 5 major crises that potentially threaten to escalate into conflict, and involve nations with nuclear weapons. 1- The Belarusian crisis For little…

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Imminent Turkish assault on Syria upsets global alliances

Statements about an imminent massive attack by Turkish forces against Russian-backed Damascus regime forces around the northern Syrian city of Idleb continue to provoke backlash within global alliances, to the point of potentially profoundly upsetting the global geopolitical landscape in the months to come. It should be recalled that following the offensive led by forces loyal to Bashar Al Assad's regime towards the Syrian city of Idleb, at the hands of Islamist militias supported by Ankara, clashes between the regular forces of the two camps resulted in several dozen …

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Germany reduces the increase in its defense budget

Are the German authorities suffering from schizophrenia? In any case, this is the question that can be asked when, barely two days after having proposed the design and use of a European aircraft carrier, and having once again put forward the hypothesis of 'an abandonment by France of its seat as a Permanent member of the UN Security Council, in favor of Europe, now they are announcing that the 2019 Defense budget will ultimately be €43,2 billion, and not €47,2 billion as planned, and announced on several occasions, in particular at the last NATO summit, as finance minister Olaf had been demanding for several months...

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