Logistics, tankers, ammunition: the Pentagon "concrete" the fundamentals

After years of budgetary wandering and reckless spending, the Pentagon's budget is today the object of all the attentions, as well by the staffs as the executive and the Congress, ...

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The US Navy returns to the goal of 355 buildings

The US Navy now has a little over 290 combat ships, and President Trump, when he was elected, set the goal of reaching 355 ships before the end ...

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The US Navy will have to increase its 35% format to face China in 2039

In 2018, the Chinese naval industry will have launched more 20 surface ships, including 5 destroyers, as many frigates, and 7 corvettes, as well as, it is estimated, 4 submarines including 2 nuclear propulsion.

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Is the West aware of its military vulnerability?

In his hearing by the Defense Committee of the National Assembly, General Facon, commander of the Army Doctrine and Command Center, emphasized ...

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