French armies prepare to test their first laser weapons from the Orleans-based SME CILAS

In the current battle in Idlib, in Syria, the Turkish forces seem to impose an unprecedented operational tempo and an implacable operational superiority largely linked to the use…

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With SCORPION, the Army is revolutionizing its combat capabilities on contact

Among the main European defense programs, the French SCORPION program undoubtedly holds a very special place. Truly structuring, it plans nothing less than to modernize in depth ...

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The DGA notifies the order of 54 Griffons MEPAC equipped with 120mm 2M2R mortars

In a press release published on January 24, the GME Scorpion - Temporary Business Group made up of Nexter, Arquus and Thales - declared that the DGA had notified them on…

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Belgium releases a known robot portrait for its future command & liaison vehicle

To complete the acquisition of the EBRC Jaguar light tanks and troop transports VBMR Griffon as part of the CaMo program, signed late 2018 with France, Brussels has published ...

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Radio CONTACT: France enters the era of collaborative air-land combat

Last week the army announced the endowment of the new radio CONTACT, developed by Thales, replacing the PR4G. If the Army is the first to ...

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Light armored vehicles, a French specialty

Belgian Defense Minister Steven Vandeput and his French counterpart, Florence Parly, have signed an agreement to provide Belgian armies 60 light tanks EBRC Jaguar and 382 ...

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LPM on course in 2019, but worries persist

Since the publication of the 2019 budget, many articles in the general and specialized press have been devoted to analyzing the increase in the defense budget. In accordance with the Military Programming Law, the budget of the armed forces has been increased by 1,7 M € to reach 35,7 M €, of which 1,3 M € are dedicated to equipment loans.

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