Towards a replacement of the Crotale-NG missiles in the French Air Force?

In a previous article, we returned to the declarations of General Lavigne, Chief of Staff of the Army of the National Assembly, on May 6. In the context of the crisis…

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Turkey denounces French obstruction of its missile defense program

At the beginning of 2018, the Turkish authorities signed a letter of agreement with the Eurosam consortium bringing together France and Italy around the Aster program, in order to study the implementation of…

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Switzerland wants a global offer including combat aircraft and anti-aircraft systems

The Swiss authorities in charge of defense equipment programs reported at a conference held in Bern that the possibilities of cooperation between the defense systems and ...

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Protection against drones and rockets becomes a necessity in the short term

The US Army has formalized an order for 2 Israeli Iron Dome protection systems to ensure the close protection of its infrastructure against drones, rockets, mortar shells and ...

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More information on the ASTER 30 Bock1NT

OCCAR announced that the 30 ASTER 1 Block2018NT program had completed the preliminary design phase at the end of the year, defining the features, objectives and technologies that will be used for its development.

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Lockheed starts seduction campaign to convince Germany to buy F-35

The replacement of German Tornado seems to have become the focus of Lockheed and the US Air Force, which does not spare to try to seduce the government and the German public opinion

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The call for tenders to replace the Swiss F18 will soon be launched

After the cancellation of the J-39 Gripen order following a popular vote, the Swiss air forces must simultaneously replace their 26 F-5s and their 30 F-18s. THE next call for tenders ...

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