Turkey would be close to an agreement to acquire 36 Russian Su35s hunters

Only two years ago, such a statement would have at best made a smile, at worst caused panic in NATO. According to the Turkish daily Sabah near the ...

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Algerian Air Forces Command Two Fighter Squadrons in Russia

According to the Algerian website menadefense.net, the Algerian authorities have signed, at the MAKS2019 exhibition, two contracts with the Russian aviation industry for the modernization of its air force. The first…

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China develops stealth target drone to train to fight F35

Among the reasons for the sudden and massive rise of Chinese and Russian military forces, one of the main reasons is the clear identification of the enemy to fight, ...

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S70 Okhotnik-B Stealth Fighting Drone will enter service from 2025

On the occasion of the MAKS-2019 exhibition, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov told TASS that the first series of the S70 Okhontik-B series heavy stealth combat drone ...

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Turkish President to wait for final Washington arbitration to begin talks on Su-57

Asked about his visit to Moscow at MAKS2019, and Turkey's interest in Su57e and Su35, Turkish President RT Erdogan said he would like to ...

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Su-35, Su-57 and TFX on the negotiating table between Ankara and Moscow

According to the Director of Federal Services for Russian Military and Technological Cooperation, Dmitry Shugayev, President RT Erdogan has expressed the wish to deepen Turkey's cooperation with ...

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The Russian combat drone S70 Okhotnik will be more stealthy than it seems

The Sukhoi group had surprised many observers when the first pictures showing the S70 Okhotnik stealth fighter drone prototype were tested during taxi tests.

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