Rafale: flight tests of the new 1000 kg AASM ammunition have started

A few months ago, we presented to you in detail the new F4 standard of the French fighter Rafale, produced by Dassault Aviation. In addition to notable improvements in terms of ...

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With SCORPION, the Army is revolutionizing its combat capabilities on contact

Among the main European defense programs, the French SCORPION program undoubtedly holds a very special place. Truly structuring, it plans nothing less than to modernize in depth ...

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With the F4 standard, the Rafale becomes a new generation digital combat aircraft!

Entering service in the early 2000s, first in the French Navy and then in the Air Force, the Rafale is today the spearhead of the French air forces,…

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France to modernize Greek mirage 2000-5

This is news that was more than expected by the Greek fighter squadrons. On December 23, the Greek Ministry of Defense confirmed the signing of a contract for…

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Paris, Berlin and Madrid agree on SCAF program

The program of Future Air Combat System, SCAF or FCAS in English, which brings together France, Germany and Spain, was facing several blocking points in recent months, ...

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Dassault and Thales to modernize the mirage 2000-9 from the United Arab Emirates

With 68 copies ordered, the United Arab Emirates has been Dassault's largest export customer of the 2000 Mirage. What's more, the devices were delivered between ...

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Can Safran save the Indian Kaveri turbo jet program?

The Rafale has the wind in its sails in India, and there is even a certain Rafale-Mania in the media, which contrasts with the incessant attacks, and sometimes far-fetched, on ...

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