What are modern Corvettes worth?

During the Second World War, corvettes were ships of limited tonnage, 1000 tons for the very prolific Flower class of the Royal Navy, intended to escort convoys against underwater threats and secure the coasts. Over the years, corvettes disappeared from the majority of large modern navies, replaced by heavier and more versatile frigates or less expensive missile patrol boats, while the threat on the coasts faded and that anti-submarine warfare needs were dealt with more by the submarines themselves, and maritime patrol aircraft. However, in recent years,…

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Is the Mediterranean again an area of ​​concentration of forces?

Traditionally, when we think of geographical areas under tension where many military forces are present, it is common to refer to the Middle East and the Persian Gulf, or more recently to the Western Pacific, especially around the China Sea. . On the other hand, the Mediterranean, and in particular the eastern Mediterranean, which was between the Second World War and the end of the 60s one of the most active areas militarily speaking, has since slipped, in the overall perception, towards the status of a secure area, allowing a significant commercial traffic. But for the past decade, many nations bordering the Mediterranean, as well as others there…

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The firepower of Israel's new Saar 6 corvette is second to none

The Israeli Navy has never been a priority for the Jewish State General Staff. Today, its offshore fleet is limited to 3 corvettes of 1000 tons Sa'ar 5 acquired from the United States more than 26 years ago, and above all 6 Dolphin and Dolphin 2 submarines, enlarged versions of the Type 209 of the German HDW, acquired in two batches, one in 1999 (3 Dolphin) and the other between 2012 and 2019 (3 ​​Dolphin 2). Tel-Aviv indeed trusted its air force, its coastal batteries, and its fleet of missile patrol boats to protect access to its ports, which were otherwise far from being potentially threatened by…

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As French supply of FDI frigates bogged down, US launches offensive in Greece

In an article published in La Tribune last week, journalist Michel Cabirol depicted a more than problematic situation regarding the future of negotiations between France and Greece regarding the contract for the acquisition of two FDI frigates. According to the information obtained by our colleague, Athens would have been surprised by the price offered by Paris, which was well above the discussions that the Greek state had had so far with French industrialists, while France would still not be able to propose a solution. acceptable and solid funding for this program. However, it is impossible to make a relevant judgment on the price…

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Greece and Israel come together to produce the new class of Themistocles corvettes

During the Greek Prime Minister's visit to Israel on June 16, the Greek shipyard ONEX Neorion and the Israeli group Israel Shipyards announced the launch of a new generation of corvettes for the Hellenic Navy, called Corvette Themistocles. This announcement follows the signing of an agreement between the two companies last February and represents very good news for Greece, whose surface fleet is particularly aging. On a technical level, this new class of corvette is not exceptional, since it is a version adapted to the Greek needs of the corvette Sa'ar 72 in…

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