Could the Turkish S-400s be bought by the United States?

The proposal would have something to smile about if it did not emanate from the American Senate: the United States could buy the S-400 anti-aircraft defense systems of Russian origin recently delivered to Turkey.…

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Russian S350 anti-aircraft system enters service to complement S400

Anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense is undoubtedly one of the fields of excellence of the defense industry and the Russian forces. It must be said that since the Cold War, the air force and ...

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Turkey multiplies openings to return to Washington's good graces

After a honeymoon with Moscow for more than a year, Ankara is now stepping up initiatives and declarations to regain Washington's good graces, and take advantage of the ...

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Washington eases conditions to export Patriot missile batteries to Turkey

While the meeting between Turkish President Erdogan and representatives of the EU on Monday March 9 did not lead to any tangible result, for neither side, Washington seems ...

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The United States would study the sale of Patriot missiles… to Turkey!

States have no friends, they only have Interests! This phrase, borrowed by General de Gaulle from Lord Palmerston, British Prime Minister during the reign of ...

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Between F15 and F35, Israel chooses the 2!

Despite a public deficit of around 3,8% in 2019, the Israeli military authorities announced two new orders for fighter jets, to equip a new squadron of F35i and ...

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Are Turkish forces planning a major offensive in Syria?

Following the serious clashes, on February 11, between the Syrian armed forces en route to retake the city of Idleb, and the Turkish army present around the city, which did more ...

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Iranian missile accuracy would rely on Russian GLONASS system

The precision of the Iranian strikes on Iraqi bases on January 8 surprised many specialists in the military question. According to the Israeli site, which specializes in…

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