Moscow strengthens air defense of Syrian ally

Following the destruction by the Syrian anti-aircraft defense of an Il-20 Russian electronic intelligence apparatus, Moscow, through its Defense Minister Victor Shoigou, announced the strengthening of the air defense capabilities of Russia. his Syrian ally with the delivery of a battery S-300

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Russia begins modernization of its anti-aircraft defense

This may seem paradoxical, considering the current performance of Russian anti-aircraft systems, but the Russian GPV2018-2027 (Ten Year Defense Equipment Plan) has identified as one of the priorities the modernization of the air defense systems of the Russian Federation. Russian army.

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Russia tests Artificial Intelligence applied to its anti-aircraft defense

Russia has announced that it has carried out the first full-scale test of the integration of artificial intelligence resources in favor of flying its anti-aircraft defense. According to Russian statements, artificial intelligence would be used to quickly analyze tactical patterns ...

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What about the poor performance of the Syrian DCA against Western strikes?

At the press conference given by the Minister of the Armed Forces, Florence Parly, and by the Chief of Staff of the Armies, General Lecointre, the latter specified that the whole ...

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