Can France lease nuclear attack submarines from Australia?

The announcement of the Australian decision to unilaterally cancel the contract for the local construction of 12 conventionally powered Attak-class submarines by Prime Minister Scott Morrison in September 2021 was, in substance as well as in form , perceived by France as a deep humiliation, provoking one of the most serious diplomatic crises in recent decades between France and the triptych gathered around the new AUKUS alliance, Australia, the United States and Great Britain. For Canberra, it was a question of turning to nuclear-powered submarines, considered more capable of meeting the future needs of…

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Will Australia's nuclear submarine program collapse?

No one has forgotten the sensational announcement made by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, along with his British counterpart Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden in September 2021, which ended the Franco-Australian Shortfin submarine program. Barracuda for the benefit of a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines made within the framework of a new alliance bringing together the 3 countries, and designated by the acronym AUKUS. It is true that the Australian Shortfin Barracuda conventionally powered ocean-going submarine program had been under fire from critics for several years, in particular because of an overall budget envelope of 90 billion Australian dollars presented as gargantuan to the...

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Australia Reportedly Consider Ordering New Collins Conventional Submarines As A 'Hold Solution'

When Scott Morrison announced last September the cancellation of the contract for the construction of conventionally powered submarines of the Attack class of the French Naval Group, in order to equip itself with nuclear-powered submarines of American or British invoice, Many observers pointed out that the timetable underlying such a decision would cause serious problems for the Royal Australian Navy. Indeed, the 6 Collins-class conventional submarines currently in service, which entered service between 1996 and 2003, would have all the trouble in the world to be kept in active service until 2050, an optimistic date for the delivery of the last submarine…

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Australia considers leasing US submarines as a waiting solution

Among the questions that emerged about the AUKUS alliance and Canberra's acquisition of nuclear attack submarines from its American and British partners, instead of the Shortfin Barracuda submarines originally ordered from the France, the question of the deadlines for implementing this measure was one of the most significant and fraught with implications. Indeed, no one was unaware that it would take more than fifteen years for the Australian industry to hope to deliver an operational nuclear submarine to its navy, and this while its own Collins-class submarines already mark the weight of the years. It seems that the Australian authorities…

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The Australian Armies are also bracing for the worst in the years to come over Taiwan

A few weeks ago, Admiral Phil Davidson, commander of the American forces deployed in the Pacific, publicly considered that from now on, it was to be expected that Beijing would begin military action with a view to taking Taiwan by force, and this by 2027. According to the American general officer, the People's Liberation Army will indeed have the necessary military means to accomplish this mission in the next few years, thanks to a specific global effort by the Chinese authorities to achieve it. Obviously, the Australian armies share the same concerns, and have begun strategic thinking, as well as exercises, to deal with them. Thus, the…

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New Zealand will buy C-130J Super Hercules transport aircraft

The New Zealand government recently confirmed the acquisition of five C-130J Super Hercules transport aircraft from US aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin. Between 2024 and 2025, these five new generation aircraft will replace the five current C-130 Hercules which were delivered to New Zealand in the 1960s. For the New Zealand Air Force, this file was a priority for several years. Indeed, since the withdrawal of the A-4 Skyhawk fighters and the cancellation of the contract for the acquisition of F-16 fighters in 2000, the Royal New Zealand Air Force no longer has combat aircraft. Equipped exclusively with helicopters, transport planes, training planes and patrol planes...

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Will Naval Group lose the Australian Shortfin Barracuda submarine super contract?

Nothing is going well in Canberra! After having won, to the chagrin of TKMS, the mega contract for the study and construction of 12 Shortfin Barracuda ocean-going submarines, derivatives of the Suffren class which will soon enter service in the French Navy, Naval Group is under fire numerous and severe criticisms, both from the Australian political class and from public opinion on social networks. In question ? the explosion of deadlines and costs echoed in the press in recent months, to the point of potentially threatening the very execution of the program if the ruling coalition...

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Australian report says China now has ascendancy over US in Indo-Pacific

The Australian Think-Tank United States Studies Center at the University of Sidney has published a very detailed report on the future of the balance of power between the United States and its allies, and China in the years to come in the Indo zone. -Peaceful. And his conclusions are pessimistic to say the least. Indeed, according to the study carried out, endeavoring to detail numerous strategic aspects of the two opposing forces, the trajectory followed by China today already gives it an increasingly political and military ascendancy. more sensitive when one approaches the country, ascending which could well become globalized in the years to come for lack of a…

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