Faced with Russian threat, Ireland could acquire combat aircraft

In 1998, the Irish Air Force (Irish Air Corps) withdrew from service its Fouga Magister jet training aircraft, bought second-hand in France in 1975, signifying the end of aviation…

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British Defense Review Delayed To Address Consequences Of COVID-19 Pandemic

According to British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, the next strategic defense review (the equivalent of the French Defense White Paper) could be "hard to swallow" for…

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The British finally find their maritime patrol!

In 2010, the British government decided to cancel the MRA4 program, an improved and modernized version of the Nimrod maritime patrol aircraft, in service since 1969 in the Royal Air Force…

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British armies invest in hypersonic technologies

The British Ministry of Defense has awarded Rolls Royce, BAE Systems and Reaction Engines a contract from 10 for the development of an aircraft engine operating under a full-service plan.

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The F35 still faces serious problems without solution

If the acquisition price of the F35 continues to drop, this is not the case of the list of critical malfunctions to which the Lockheed device is exposed. Revealed by the chain Bloomberg, a report of the Pentagon points indeed many weaknesses of the F35, sometimes very critical.

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