US Air Force B-52H bombers to exceed 100 years of operational career with new engines

On April 23, the US Air Force issued a draft request for proposal for the acquisition of no less than 608 commercial aircraft engines. This last step before the publication of the call for tenders will allow manufacturers to better prepare their proposals. Although the project is a year late, the US Air Force hopes to make rapid progress on the re-engining program for its B-52H Stratofortress, considered strategic for maintaining its operational capabilities. Evoked since the end of the Cold War, the change of engines of the B-52 has been constantly postponed by the US Air Force, the heavy bomber…

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Western sanctions threaten several Turkish defense programs

The scope of European sanctions concerning the supply of arms and defense systems to Turkey following the offensive against Kurdish YPG forces in northern Syria, and the acquisition of batteries of S400 anti-aircraft systems with Russia, has been the subject of many questions. Yet it appears that these same sanctions are now threatening the execution of several major defense programs of the Turkish defense industry. We have already mentioned the consequences of a probable refusal by France to deliver certain technologies within the framework of the development of an anti-aircraft system derived from the Franco-Italian SAMP-T Mamba. But two more...

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Dynetics-Lockheed will design the 100 Kwh anti-aircraft laser system for the US Army

The American group Dynetics, associated with the world leader in defense equipment Lockheed-Martin, has been chosen by the US Army to design the demonstrator of a 100 Kwh mobile anti-aircraft laser, the HEL TVD[efn_note]High Energy program Laser Tactical Vehicle Demonstrator[/efn_note], beating Raytheon, which was also competing for this $130m program. Dynetics will be in charge of the integration of the laser system provided by Lockheed, as well as several control systems, and the Rolls-Royce M250 turbine to provide electrical power, on a vehicle of the FMTV family[efn_note]Family of Medium Tactical Vehicle[/efn_note], a lighter and more mobile vehicle than the…

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Rolls-Royce Uses Helicopter Turbine for Embedded Laser Weapon Systems

The US Army has launched no less than 4 programs aimed at designing and manufacturing laser weapon systems embedded in armored vehicles. One of the major points of these programs is the ability to produce enough electrical energy to provide the power necessary for the operation of high power lasers. The British engine manufacturer Rolls Royce has taken up the subject, and offers a solution based on the M250 turbine which equips light helicopters such as the OH58D Kiowa, capable of supplying 300 KWh of electrical energy, which is more than enough for the lasers of 100 KWh planned. That said, beyond the technical solution, the program will have to do…

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