The US Army tests the Stryker DE M-SHORAD armed with a 50 Kw laser

Directed energy weapons, such as hypersonic weapons, have been two absolute technological priorities for the American armies in recent years in an attempt to catch up with the technological dynamics imposed by Beijing and Moscow. If the hypersonic programs encounter problems, the programs of the US Army, the US Navy and the US Air Force concerning the short-term implementation of anti-drone, anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems based on directed energy weapons are advancing in accordance with the very ambitious planning imposed by the Pentagon. This is how, last week, the US Army announced that a first test of engagement “in a combat situation” had been…

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The US Army wants to speed up the entry into service of its laser and hypersonic weapons

Negotiations are going well between the American staff and Congress, while the army budget for 2021 is being prepared. But where traditionally, the debates revolved around a few major long-term programs capturing resources colossal, the American armies, spurred on by the rapid and undeniable rise in power of military powers such as China and Russia, must now focus their efforts on programs offering rapid convincing results, capable of re-balancing the global operational landscape. . This is the case of the US Army which, if it negotiates the financing of its BIG 6 super-program in parallel, does not neglect it...

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