A year in advance, the US Air Force selects Raytheon for the future nuclear missile of its heavy bombers

In 2012, due to the disarmament agreements signed between the USA and Russia, the USAF withdrew its most modern but also the most complex nuclear missile from service…

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The US Marines Corps quickly wants to acquire new generation anti-ship missiles

As we often mention in our lines, it seems that the strategic initiative has changed sides, after three decades of American superiority over military affairs. In China, in…

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Poland chooses American supplier for new anti-tank missiles

The United States Department of State has announced that it has granted the sale of 180 Javelin anti-tank missiles and approximately 80 firing stations for Poland. In itself, this sale is not ...

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Global arms sales reached 420 Md $ in 2018, an increase of 4,6% over 2017

In 2018, France increased the army's budget by 1,7 M €, an annual increase of 5%. What was presented as an important effort is, in fact, in ...

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Raytheon presents its LTAMDS radar that will detect 360 ° air threats for the US Army

If the Patriot system was undoubtedly one of the best anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense systems at the beginning of the century, its design today suffers from a defect that proves unacceptable in the face of ...

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