The US Navy will equip its Arleigh Burke Flight IIA destroyers with the new EASA SPY-6 radar

Like the Ticonderoga cruisers and a number of anti-aircraft destroyers and frigates in service with the United States' allied navies, the American destroyers of the Arleigh Burke class, which today form the backbone of the US surface with 69 ships in service, are equipped with the famous SPY-1 radar, the very one that is at the heart of the AEGIS anti-aircraft and anti-missile system. But this radar, which entered service in the 70s, is beginning to show the weight of the years despite numerous upgrades, which is why the future US Navy destroyers currently under construction, the Arleigh Burke Flight III,…

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Are aircraft carriers now too vulnerable to be useful?

Since the announcement of the launch of the French New Generation Aircraft Carrier program by the President of the Republic, many voices have been raised to question the relevance of such an investment, particularly in the face of the threat represented by, now, long-range hypersonic anti-ship missiles, such as the Russian 3M22 Tzirkon, or the Chinese DF26. According to them, and according to others, particularly in the United States, such behemoths of the seas are easily located, and therefore constitute prime targets for new enemy anti-ship missiles. However, a factual and objective analysis of the capabilities offered by aircraft carriers, as well as the reality of…

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Thales and Raytheon asked to equip Taiwanese frigates with an AESA radar

Although the Republic of China Navy, on the island of Taiwan, is one of the most endowed in the Pacific theater, with 4 destroyers and 22 frigates, all of its ships are between 25 and almost 50 years old, due to the "de facto" embargo imposed from the mid-90s by Beijing on the sale of arms to the independent island since 1949, but still ardently claimed as national territory by the authorities of the People's Republic of China. Not only did none of the traditional suppliers to the Taiwanese armies, such as France or the United States, agree to sell new combat ships to Taipei,…

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Commissioning of the Aegis Ashore anti-missile system in Poland again delayed by two years

The entry into operational service of the NATO ballistic missile defense site in Poland has once again been postponed by two years. Initially scheduled for 2018, then for the course of 2020, the delivery of the Polish site of Aegis Ashore is finally no longer expected before 2022 due to difficulties related to the construction of the buildings. The Aegis Ashore system is a land-based version of the AEGIS long-range air defense system which is on board American cruisers and destroyers of the Ticonderoga and Arleigh Burke classes, as well as on certain Spanish, South Korean, Australian or even Japanese. The…

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