Will the future US Navy DDG (x) destroyer be a "transitional" destroyer?

While Congress has approved the construction of an additional Arleigh Burke Flight III class destroyer for 2022, and the US Navy has announced a vast plan to modernize its Arleigh Burke Flight IIA destroyers to install the new SPY radar -6 with active electronic antenna as for the Flight III and the frigates of the Constellation class, the American navy is also advancing on the replacement of the destroyer Arleigh Burke but also of the cruisers of the Ticonderoga class, while 32 units of these two classes must be retired from service in the years to come. Communication around the new ship,…

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The US Navy will equip its Arleigh Burke Flight IIA destroyers with the new EASA SPY-6 radar

Like the Ticonderoga cruisers and a number of anti-aircraft destroyers and frigates in service with the United States' allied navies, the American destroyers of the Arleigh Burke class, which today form the backbone of the US surface with 69 ships in service, are equipped with the famous SPY-1 radar, the very one that is at the heart of the AEGIS anti-aircraft and anti-missile system. But this radar, which entered service in the 70s, is beginning to show the weight of the years despite numerous upgrades, which is why the future US Navy destroyers currently under construction, the Arleigh Burke Flight III,…

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