Soon a new short-range air-to-air missile in Russia

Since the end of the Soviet Union, Russian fighter jets have been equipped with short, medium and long range Air-to-Air missiles which are only evolved versions of ...

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Russia to equip Su-35s fighters with ultra-long-range R-37M missile soon

Since it entered service in the Swedish Air Force in 2016, the European very long-range air-to-air missile METEOR has been universally recognized as the best missile of its ...

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Russia begins testing to equip Su35 fighter with R-37M very long-range missile

One of NATO's main assets vis-à-vis Russia is based on the power of its air forces capable, in theory, of taking control of the skies and therefore of striking ...

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Back in favor of the rusticity of combat aircraft

In the article "Switzerland: 10 criteria for evaluating which would be the best combat aircraft", one of the parameters retained for the evaluation was "Hardiness", namely an aggregate of capabilities ...

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Kinzhal, S500, T14, Su57 ... In 2025, Russia could take the military technological advantage over Europe

According to the TASS agency, the Su-57 fighter will be equipped with a missile with performance comparable to that of the Kinjal hypersonic missile. This is further proof of the dynamism of the Defense industry ...

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Is the West aware of its military vulnerability?

In his hearing by the Defense Committee of the National Assembly, General Facon, commander of the Army Doctrine and Command Center, emphasized ...

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