The vulnerability of tankers worries the US Air Force

There are no hunters without supply vessels! This sentence "No fighters Without Tankers" alone sums up one of the main doctrines of the US Air Force over the past 60…

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What will the US Air Force Digital Century Series change in military aircraft construction?

Two days ago, Will Roper, the head of aeronautical programs of the US Air Force, stunned his audience when he announced that a demonstrator of the future air superiority aircraft program,…

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The US Air Force announces that it has secretly built a demonstrator of its future fighter plane

For an exceptional ad, it's an exceptional ad! Indeed, Will Roper, who has headed the US Air Force's acquisition programs for 2 years, announced today that the USAF…

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Major programs (F35 ..) threaten advanced aviation industry according to the US Air Force

Since his appointment as Assistant Secretary to the US Air Force in charge of acquisitions in February 2018, Will Roper has many times surprised his audience with his proposals ...

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F35 fails to solve Pentagon software problems

In a report published by the Pentagon's Operational Test and Evaluation Office, chief tester Robert Behler makes a critical and at least problematic judgment regarding the…

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The US Air Force is thinking again of a "bomb truck"

This is a recurrent concept for several decades: The Bomb Truck. Concretely, it would be a device weakly protected or manoeuvrable, but able to carry a very large quantity ...

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US Air Force confirms change in industrial strategy

Will Roper, the Director of acquisitions and new strongman of the US Air Force, seems to have won his case regarding his vision of future industrial programs ...

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