To protect Taiwan, can the United States count on the Japanese ally?

Japan is today undoubtedly one of the United States' most loyal allies in the Pacific, and American forces permanently maintain around 50.000 men on the Japanese archipelago, including ...

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Japan develops two hypersonic missile models to strengthen its strategic posture

The Japanese authorities presented the two complementary hypersonic weapons development programs to strengthen their defensive capabilities, in particular against China, Russia, and North Korea ...

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Japan wants to develop its means of electronic warfare

On the occasion of the presentation of the Japanese Defense budget for 2020 to parliament by the government of Shinzo Abe, the budget also increased by 1,2% exceeding…

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South Korea ends close collaboration with Japan over North Korea

In 2016, under the auspices of the United States, the Japanese and South Korean governments signed a protocol for enhanced cooperation in intelligence matters concerning North Korea. This allowed ...

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