Will Australia's nuclear submarine program collapse?

No one has forgotten the sensational announcement made by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, along with his British counterpart Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden in September 2021, which ended the Franco-Australian Shortfin submarine program. Barracuda for the benefit of a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines made within the framework of a new alliance bringing together the 3 countries, and designated by the acronym AUKUS. It is true that the Australian Shortfin Barracuda conventionally powered ocean-going submarine program had been under fire from critics for several years, in particular because of an overall budget envelope of 90 billion Australian dollars presented as gargantuan to the...

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Defense technologies that made the news in 2021

Despite the crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, the news in 2021 was often marked by certain defense technologies, in a geopolitical context of growing tensions and critical crises. From Australia's surprise cancellation of the order for French-built conventionally powered submarines to switch to US-British nuclear attack submarines, to hypersonic missiles; from underwater drones to China's new fractional orbital bombardment system; these defense technologies, long in the background of the world media scene, found themselves in the news, and sometimes in the headlines during this year. In this two-part article,…

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By announcing the launch of 60 Defense technology programs, does the Australian Prime Minister want to drown the submarine?

To say that Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison would be in a difficult position would be an understatement. Indeed, not only does he find himself entangled in the consequences of his dangerous arbitrations in terms of submarines, having chosen to slam the door in France's face to respond to the American and British sirens promising him a fleet of nuclear attack submarines without first assessing the feasibility and the geopolitical, operational and budgetary consequences, but he finds himself, with his Liberal Party, far behind the Labor opposition in the opinion polls, while same as the next electoral deadline, the federal (legislative) elections…

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Australia Reportedly Consider Ordering New Collins Conventional Submarines As A 'Hold Solution'

When Scott Morrison announced last September the cancellation of the contract for the construction of conventionally powered submarines of the Attack class of the French Naval Group, in order to equip itself with nuclear-powered submarines of American or British invoice, Many observers pointed out that the timetable underlying such a decision would cause serious problems for the Royal Australian Navy. Indeed, the 6 Collins-class conventional submarines currently in service, which entered service between 1996 and 2003, would have all the trouble in the world to be kept in active service until 2050, an optimistic date for the delivery of the last submarine…

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Is Naval Group's Australian Contract Cancellation really a surprise?

Amid the outcry of stunned statements crying Anglo-Saxon surprise and treachery over the cancellation of the contract to design and locally build 12 conventionally powered Shortfin Barracuda submarines in Australia, a dissonant statement came almost unnoticed, although it carries with it an undeniable legitimacy and sincerity. According to Vincent Hurel, secretary general of the CGT Naval Group in Cherbourg, the disappointment is only "moderate", insofar as "the risk was known". And indeed, for those who followed the progress of this program in the antipodes, the prospects for this contract had been severely degraded for a few months, and...

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In Australia, Joe Biden opens a very dangerous Pandora's box

Since the confirmation of the cancellation of the contract for the acquisition of 12 conventionally powered Shortfin Barracuda submarines designed by the French Naval Group, and the integration of Canberra into a tripartite alliance with the United States and Great Britain Britain including, among other things, the sale of American nuclear attack submarines, the defense community is in turmoil, especially in France. "Stabbing", "Treason"... the qualifiers are not lacking concerning the substance, but also the form with which this decision was made public, seriously damaging the international image of the French military naval industry for many many years. On the other hand, very few, including among…

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