Rafale's next delivery to India will also be an event

The delivery of the first 5 Rafale aircraft to the Indian Air Force, in July 2020, had a resounding media and popular success, to the point of representing a real national event in India. The next delivery of 3 additional devices, which will take place on November 4, could also arouse a lot of interest. In fact, in addition to the decisive role that the new aircraft is called upon to play in deterrence and in the air force of the Indian Air Force while tensions with Pakistan and China continue to grow, this delivery will be in it -even spectacular, since the 3 fighter planes will make the journey between…

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The United States and India stand united against China

For several years, Washington has been trying to bring New Delhi back into the Western Defense sphere, in order to potentially contain Beijing's rise in military power, a rise in power that is becoming more pronounced every year. While cooperation between the two countries had so far been limited to an increase in arms contracts for India, the visit to New Delhi by the American Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, decidedly on all fronts these recent weeks, and of Marc Esper, the Secretary of Defense, made it possible to considerably advance the common front of the United States and India to contain Chinese ambitions in Asia. Traditionally unaligned since its…

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Indian Rafales fly over border area with China

Despite the agreements between Beijing and New Delhi signed on September 14 to reduce tension in the Himalayan region of Ladakh, nothing has so far indicated that the forces involved have, in any way whatsoever, lightened their devices. or their operational postures. On the contrary ! To respond to the latest Chinese public statements, the Indian Air Force has decided to stage its latest acquisition, the Rafale combat aircraft which, having arrived in the country less than 2 months ago, has already started flights above of this potentially explosive theatre. The speeches of the occasion having framed the signature...

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India orders 6 MQ-9B Guardian drone systems from US

The American General Atomics will not have taken long to recover from the semi-disappointment of seeing the Franco-German couple definitively commit to the Eurodrone program, and not to its MQ-9B Guardian. Indeed, the Defense Acquisition Council, the organization that validates the existence of a need requiring the import of military equipment in India, has just published an "Acceptance of Necessity" worth import authorization for 6 drone systems MQ-9B Guardian for a budget of $600m, with an option on 24 other systems over the next 3 years, with a potential overall budget of $3bn. According to information published by indiatoday.in, this…

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The 5 criteria that make the Rafale the favorite in India

The arrival of the first 5 Rafale combat aircraft on the Indian base of Ambala at the end of July caused a media frenzy both in India and in the world, giving the French fighter a welcome aura to confront other European aircraft. , Americans and Russians, in the upcoming Indian competitions. Remember that the Dassault Aviation aircraft is present in the MMRCA 2 competition involving 114 aircraft against the European Typhoon and JAS 39 Gripen E/F, the Russian Mig35 and probably the Su-35, and the F16V (identified F21 in this competition ) and American F15EX, as well as in the competition wearing…

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India bans import of 101 defense equipment, including submarines or light fighters

The announcement is surprising. Indeed, through the voice of the Minister of Defense Rajnath Singh, the Indian government has just announced the gradual ban on the import of no less than 101 major defense equipment, ranging from sniper rifles to destroyers, equipment which will be gradually banned between 2020 and 2025. According to the Indian Minister of Defense who spoke on his tweeter account, the objective is both to achieve the strategic autonomy whose need has been highlighted by the Covid19 crisis, and to stimulate the Indian economy, which is also suffering due to the economic consequences of the health crisis. The list of prohibited equipment will be…

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India to solicit leasing offers for certain defense equipment

Like many countries, India has, for many years, neglected the modernization of its armed forces, in favor of more lucrative actions from the electoral point of view, or otherwise... At the same time, Pakistan, and especially the China, followed trajectories of modernization and reinforcement of their armed forces in a particularly well mastered planning, so that today, New Delhi finds itself having to finance a very large number of Defense programs, all equally strategic. than the others. Added to this is the often chaotic management of its acquisition programs, as was the case, for example, with the MMRCA program,…

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India orders SAFRAN A2SM Hammer guidance systems for its Rafale during emergency procedure

To say that the first Indian Rafale, which should arrive in the country on July 29, are expected in India would be a great understatement. Indeed, New Delhi has been communicating for several weeks on the very rapid entry into service of its devices, hardly will they have arrived. For this, the Indian authorities have taken care to pre-position on the Ambala base where the first fighters delivered will be stationed, all the equipment, armaments and skills necessary for the fastest possible operational conversion. And to reinforce the already more than significant capacities of the Indian Rafales which will arrive equipped with MICA and METEOR air-to-air missiles and…

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