Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE reportedly discuss military alliance against Iran

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, says an Italian proverb. And it is true that there is nothing more effective than a pressing and major threat to bring nations that everything has opposed up to now, to discover links and form alliances. One naturally thinks of the United States and the Soviet Union during the Second World War, but such examples are strewn throughout the history of humanity, beyond continents, eras and cultures. However, imagine only a few months ago that Jerusalem, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Manama could negotiate, albeit unofficially, a military alliance outside of American supervision,...

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Su-35, S-400… Saudi Arabia puts pressure on Washington

On January 28, just days after his swearing in, US President Joe Biden announced that he was suspending US support for the military intervention in Yemen led by the coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. . Concomitantly, several arms contracts, notably concerning guided bombs for Riad and the acquisition of F35 and MQ9B Gardian by Abu Dhabi, were also suspended. Even if the presidential decision was surrounded by a diplomatic context, explaining that it was for the new administration to examine these contracts, some of which were signed barely an hour before the end of his Presidential mandate by…

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Communication War between Washington and Ankara over CAATSA Sanctions

It was to be expected, the announcement of the implementation of sanctions against Turkey regarding the acquisition of S-400 systems from Moscow within the framework of CAATSA legislation now gives rise to a real communication war. between Ankara and Washington, through announcements and interposed declarations. Remember that the main measure announced by the State Department in this case is based on the suspension of all licenses for the export and use of American Defense equipment to Turkey, until the S-400s have been permanently removed from the Turkish inventory, under the supervision of the United States itself. Ankara's first reaction...

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United States applies CAATSA sanctions to Turkey over S-400 acquisition

In recent days, a lot of unofficial information has been circulating in Washington concerning the upcoming implementation of sanctions against Turkey under the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanction Act, better known by the acronym CAATSA. Today, Monday, December 14, the US State Department published confirmation of this sanctioning, with immediate effect, without Turkey having undertaken to withdraw its S-400 batteries "in coordination with the United States,” the statement said. On December 4, the American Congress had forced the executive to implement these sanctions within 30 days of the adoption of the 2021 budget…

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Israel reportedly anticipates US strike on Iran before Donald Trump's term ends

Is this a way to try to contain a possible response from Tehran following the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, this scientist designated as the father of the Iranian nuclear program, killed on November 28 in the suburbs of Tehran by an armed commando while he was traveling on the highway, an assassination attributed to the Israeli secret services by Tehran? Be that as it may, according to the Israeli news site Axios, citing statements by Jewish state officials, the Israeli armed forces are anticipating, in the coming weeks and before the end of President Trump's presidential term, US strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities. According to the site, although…

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The United States and India stand united against China

For several years, Washington has been trying to bring New Delhi back into the Western Defense sphere, in order to potentially contain Beijing's rise in military power, a rise in power that is becoming more pronounced every year. While cooperation between the two countries had so far been limited to an increase in arms contracts for India, the visit to New Delhi by the American Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, decidedly on all fronts these recent weeks, and of Marc Esper, the Secretary of Defense, made it possible to considerably advance the common front of the United States and India to contain Chinese ambitions in Asia. Traditionally unaligned since its…

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Greece is expected to receive 20 F35A, including 6 initially built for Turkey

The Greek press revealed today that on the occasion of the visit of Mike Pompeo, the American Secretary of State, to Athens, the latter would have authorized the sale of 20 F35A fighter planes to the Greek air force, including 6 aircraft already built and which were initially to be delivered to the Turkish forces, before the exclusion of the country from the program following the acquisition of S400 systems. These 6 aircraft are due to enter service in 2021, alongside the first 6 Rafales delivered by France, in order to constitute the spearhead of the Greek air forces, in particular to thwart Turkish anti-aircraft defenses and their S400 systems. This startling statement...

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The United States' international negotiation strategy deadlocked

With the arrival at the White House of President Donald Trump, the State Department, in charge of foreign affairs, profoundly modified its negotiation strategy on major international issues, moving from a firm attitude but capable of compromise to positions based on the balance of power. In just 4 years, the Trump administration has managed to end the INF treaty prohibiting the design and possession of short and medium range ballistic and cruise systems with Russia, to withdraw from the Open Sky treaty allowing the conduct of inspection flights over the signatory countries, but also to remove…

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Has China declared the rare earth war?

Relations between Washington and Beijing have steadily deteriorated in recent years, whether it's the trade and technology clash between the two superpowers in 2018 and 2019, tensions around the island of Taiwan, or the Chinese claims in the China Sea. All of these latent oppositions now seem to crystallize into a direct opposition between the two countries, and provocations and retaliatory measures are increasing on both sides of the Pacific. Two subjects focus most of the tensions today. First, the massive support provided by the United States to Taiwan, with the sale and modernization, the latter…

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