Hypersonic missiles are becoming the priority of the US Department of Defense to counter the Chinese threat.

A few weeks ago, before starting the study on the sustainability of aircraft carriers in the US Navy, Mark Esper, the secretary to the Defense of the United States, had publicly questioned the…

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US Navy planning in the midst of a storm

The future format of the US Navy, and as a corollary the planning concerning the construction of ships for the next years, is the subject of an intense confrontation between the office of the Secretary…

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The future of the US Navy aircraft carriers is threatened by the American Congress

Just days after the christening of the USS John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the second giant Gerald Ford-class nuclear aircraft carrier, and the second US Navy aircraft carrier to carry this…

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Is the return of Defense doctrines from the 50 years in progress?

In a video posted by Defensenews.com, US Deputy Undersecretary for Defense R & D, Michael Griffin, questions the usefulness of the aircraft carrier in the conflicts at ...

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Pentagon launches new program to design next-generation anti-missile system

In March 2019, the Pentagon had suspended the program Redesigned Kill Vehicle, or RKV, entrusted to Boeing and Raytheon, following several technological impasses for the durability of the program, and ...

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