Visiting the Capitol, the Greek Prime Minister wants to acquire the F-35 and warns against Turkey

Since the beginning of the 70s, ie even before its accession to the European Union (1981), Athens has always pursued a balanced strategy of equipping its air forces, relying simultaneously on American and French aircraft. In the 70s and 80s, the Mirage F1s evolved under a blue and white cockade alongside the F4 Phantom 2, F5 Tiger II and A7 Corsair 2, while in the 90s, the Hellenic Mirage 2000s completed its fleet of F-16s. Today, the Greek authorities intend to extend this model which gave convincing results to contain the tensions with the Turkish neighbor, by acquiring French Rafales, and…

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The first Greek Rafales operational just 12 months after the Athens order

The first 6 Rafale combat aircraft ordered by Greece in January 2021 will join the 114th combat squadron at the Tanagra base in Boeotia, north of Athens, between January 17 and 19, 2022, barely a year after the first order for 18 aircraft, including 12 second-hand aircraft taken from the Air and Space Force fleet and modernized to F3R standard by Dassault Aviation, has been signed. This air base, close to the facilities of the local industrialist HAI, had previously hosted the Greek Mirage F1 from 1973 to 2003, then the Air Force Mirage 2000-5...

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Configuration, planning .. More details on the Greek frigates FDI HN

The announcement made by Greek Prime Minister Kyriákos Mitsotákis and French President Emmanuel Macron on September 18 about the new alliance formed by France and Greece, as well as orders for 3 FDI frigates and 6 Rafale aircraft, was certainly significant. 'a high political reach, but she was also stingy with details. It was therefore necessary to wait for the intervention this morning of Hervé Grandjean, the spokesperson for the Ministry of the Armed Forces, to find out more about this subject. And this time, the details were numerous, especially in terms of the configuration of the Hellenic frigates, but also concerning the delivery schedule, and its influence...

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Naval Group and Belharra return to the race in Greece

Yesterday, we mentioned the weight of public opinion in defense decisions. Today, we learn that the Letter of Intent that the government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis was to send regarding the acquisition of 4 American MMSC frigates, instead of the FDI Balh@rra frigates of Naval Group for which France and Greece were discussing jointly after a Letter of Intent signed a year ago, was not sent. Indeed, according to the always very well-informed site, the outcry that this government decision raised in the media and in public opinion, led the Greek authorities to backtrack. The causes of…

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Athens will officially ask Washington for an Arleigh Burke destroyer

For several years, the Greek authorities have hoped to obtain from their American counterparts the loan or the sale of a second-hand Arleigh Burke-class destroyer or a second-hand Ticonderoga-class cruiser, to reinforce its anti-aircraft capabilities and be in able to cope with the rise of Turkish power. Until now, these requests, passed through the military or technocratic channels, have never obtained a favorable response either from Washington, and even less from the US Navy, which is struggling to maintain a minimum format to respond to increased operating pressure. But obviously, President Kyriakos Mitsotakis does not seem ready to…

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Greece, United Arab Emirates sign defense deal to counter Ankara

Is President RT Erdogan's foreign policy turning against Turkey? In any case, this is what one can think by observing the many announcements and actions undertaken in this direction in recent days, whether in Europe or in the Middle East. Indeed, in what may appear to be a series law, the Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, and his United Arab Emirates counterpart, Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, signed an ambitious Defense Agreement last week. unambiguously oriented to contain Turkish expansionism in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East. This agreement…

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What pressure tactics have the United States used in Greece to win the frigate market?

If you follow Meta-Defense carefully, nothing will have escaped you of the Greek adventures in trying to modernize its surface combat fleet, and in particular its frigates, in order to be able to cope with the rise in power of the Navy. Turkish, and its MILGEM program. And you will not have missed, either, the rebound which has just taken place in Athens, when the Greek government obtained from the parliament the authorization to issue a letter of intent to acquire 4 MMSC frigates from the American Lockheed-Martin, effectively abandoning the year of negotiations conducted with Naval Group on the acquisition of two FDI frigates. The…

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Greece is expected to receive 20 F35A, including 6 initially built for Turkey

The Greek press revealed today that on the occasion of the visit of Mike Pompeo, the American Secretary of State, to Athens, the latter would have authorized the sale of 20 F35A fighter planes to the Greek air force, including 6 aircraft already built and which were initially to be delivered to the Turkish forces, before the exclusion of the country from the program following the acquisition of S400 systems. These 6 aircraft are due to enter service in 2021, alongside the first 6 Rafales delivered by France, in order to constitute the spearhead of the Greek air forces, in particular to thwart Turkish anti-aircraft defenses and their S400 systems. This startling statement...

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These 5 capabilities that make the FDI Belh @ rra frigates indispensable in Greece

If the file around the order of 18 Rafale planes by Greece was negotiated in just a few weeks, the one surrounding the possible transfer of French frigates to the Hellenic Navy has been dragging on for more than a decade. The progress recorded at the beginning of the year around the acquisition of the 2 FDI Belh@rra frigates from Naval Group, in a standard identical to those ordered by the French Navy, were swept away during the summer by negotiations, it seems. it risky on the French side, having led Greece to consider other options, such as ordering new, less expensive frigates from the Netherlands or Germany. Without going into detail…

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