NATO will equip itself with a response force of 300.000 men to deal with the Russian threat

Only a few years ago, under the battering of Donald Trump and RT Erdogan, several European chancelleries began to doubt the effectiveness of the Atlantic Alliance, to the point that the French President, in reference to the lack of reaction from the alliance in the face of Turkish provocations in the western Mediterranean, judged that it was in a state of "brain death", and that the Europeans, France and Germany in the lead, undertook to try to consolidate European response capacities in the face of emerging threats . Four years later, while Russia has reignited a security crisis in Europe on a scale comparable to that of the War...

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Ukraine, Taiwan: will the United States change its posture vis-à-vis Russia and China?

The global geopolitical map today is still largely conditioned by agreements signed during or just after the Cold War, and has been very effectively staged by Moscow and Beijing over the past 20 years, without either the United States or the West in general, have shown any determination to oppose it. This is how the Sino-American agreements around the case of the island of Taiwan were negotiated from the beginning of the 70s, with the aim of removing Beijing from the equation of the Cold War and the Soviet camp, and this even though the island had no intention of joining the People's Republic...

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Faced with intensifying fighting in Donbass, Ukraine asks to join NATO

"NATO is the only way to end the fighting in Donbass." These are the terms that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke during a conference call with Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of the Atlantic Alliance on Tuesday, according to Reuters. This pressing request from the Ukrainian President to begin discussions as soon as possible between NATO and Ukraine so that the latter can join the alliance is the consequence of the resumption of heavy weapons fighting in the Donbass, between the Ukrainian loyalist forces, and the secessionist forces of the Lughansk and Donetsk Oblasts in the Donbass heavily supported by Moscow. 6 soldiers…

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Turkey to activate S-400 batteries in a very tense international context

Not a week now goes by without the Turkish authorities making a new statement with potentially very important international consequences. After the crisis with Paris over Libya this summer, it was the turn of the crisis during the month of September in the Aegean Sea against Athens, Nicosia and once again Paris, followed barely a week ago by the conflict opposing Azerbaijan to Armenia over Nagorno Karabakh, about which Turkish statements, very belligerent and in favor of the continuation of clashes until the very unlikely evacuation of the region by…

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Turkey humiliates NATO and D. Trump by commanding second Russian S-400 regiment

In March of this year, NATO, through its Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, called on Europeans for more "flexibilities" vis-à-vis Turkey, following James Jeffrey, High Representative of the United States for Syria, which asked Europeans to come and support Ankara in its operation in northern Syria by deploying Patriot missile batteries to protect Turkish territory. Shortly before, President Trump had shown a strong understanding with his Turkish counterpart, RT Erdogan, on the occasion of the NATO summit in London in December 2019. It is difficult, under these conditions, to imagine the humiliation inflicted by the…

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US pressures Europeans for support for Turkey

One can really wonder about the objectives pursued by the United States vis-à-vis NATO. Indeed, while Ankara signed a ceasefire agreement with Moscow and President Erdogan underlined the depth of Turkish-Russian cooperation, and deployed thousands of special forces soldiers to prevent insistent refugees from crossing into Greece from being turned back by the Greek authorities, James Jeffrey, the United States' high representative for Syria, officially called on the Europeans to adopt a more conciliatory position vis-à-vis Turkey. The latter also called on Europeans to deploy units to increase the security of Turkish forces, to…

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