The Pentagon's Pele Transportable Nuclear Reactor program takes off

Every day, the Pentagon consumes 50 million liters of fuel for its armed forces, and this figure could more than double in the event of a major engagement. In addition to the exorbitant costs that such consumption represents even for an oil-producing country like the United States, and the increasingly problematic impact for the some 100 million kg of CO2 released into the atmosphere every day, this dependence also constitutes a permanent logistical headache for the American forces deployed outside the territory, even though the War in Ukraine has demonstrated the immense vulnerability of the logistical chains in the face of modern weapons systems and infantry...

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The Pentagon uses TRISO technology to design its mini nuclear reactors

In mid-March 2020, the Pentagon announced that it had entrusted 3 American companies with the studies for the design of a miniaturized nuclear reactor intended to be projected and, potentially, to supply electrical energy to the remote bases of the American armed forces. The fears of seeing a nuclear reactor set up within an American base, and on foreign soil, have obviously raised objections and questions, in particular concerning the security of the device in the face of an attack. The examples of the disasters of Three Miles Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima, naturally raise fears that a runaway scenario of the reactor which would enter into uncontrolled meltdown and end up melting its containment...

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