Pentagon doesn't want additional Israeli Iron Dome systems

According to the Israeli press, the Pentagon has given up the acquisition of additional Iron Dome systems to strengthen its close protection capabilities, due to the incompatibility of the Israeli system with the anti-aircraft defense network used by the US Army. According to General Mike Murray, commander of the Future Command of the US Army, the analyzes would have shown several problems, in particular in terms of cybersecurity, and especially in terms of interoperability with the other defense systems used, and in particular those articulating the systems Patriot. This announcement does not call into question the acquisition of the first two batteries announced in 2019, which are still awaited today by the US Army as a solution...

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To replace the Bradleys, the US Army radically changes method!

The US Army, like the US Navy and the US Air Force, has lined up many failures in recent years in terms of industrial piloting of new equipment. The latest concerns the replacement of the M2/M3 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, which entered service in the 80s, canceled for lack of a fighter two months ago, after Rheinmetall was ousted following a logistical problem to present its Lynx, and the General Dynamics Griffin soon after for not having the required performance. As this is the third time in 11 years that the Bradley replacement program…

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US Army cancels competition to replace Bradleys

In October 2019, the Lynx KF41 infantry fighting vehicle presented by the German Rheinmetall allied to the American defense giant Raytheon, was eliminated from the competition in order to replace the M2/3 Bradley VCIs in service in the US Army since the 80s, when the German industrialist had faced administrative difficulties in bringing its armored vehicle to the test site in Virginia on time. In fact, the program aimed at evaluating and then selecting the prototype of the future Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle was limited to a single participant, the Griffin III from the American General Dynamics Land Systems,…

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