The US Air Force sharpens its strategy to reduce the number of F-35As it will buy

For nearly 15 years, the US Air Force had only one answer to all questions about its fighter fleet, the F-35A. Decked out with quasi-mystical abilities of stealth and combat power, the aircraft had to meet all the challenges they could face in the next 30 years. But since the first pranks of Will Roper, then Director of Developments and Acquisitions of the US Air Force on this program in 2018, until the most recent declarations of General Brown, Chief of Staff of the USAF, and the General Kelly, who commands the American fighter, the reserves of the first air force in the world...

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For the head of the US hunt, the added value of the 5th Generation is far from obvious

With more than 6000 hours recorded on his flight log On F-15C, F-15E, F-16, F-35A and even F/A-18 during his visit to Australia, General Mark D. Kelly, who commands the US Air Force fighter, is what is commonly called in this environment, "a Mustache". In fact, when he gives his opinion on the performance of the F-15EX after taking control of the aircraft, it is appropriate to pay attention to what he has to say. Fervent supporter of the new Boeing fighter within the US Air Force, even when the latter was more than reluctant to this arrival, the officer did not…

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Are China and Russia on the way to winning the technological challenge in the West?

Late last week, General Mark D. Kelly, commander of the Air Combat Command of the United States Air Force, expressed his concerns about a possible technological downgrading of the United States by China in terms of 6th generation hunters. According to him, the postponement or additional delays concerning the Next Generation Advanced Fighter, or NGAD, program would almost certainly allow China to impose itself in this technological challenge, given the dynamics and the method demonstrated by the programs. defense of Beijing in recent years. At the same time, a US Congress report also highlighted…

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