According to simulations, the US Air Force will lose its advantage from 2027 on the current trajectory

“Wargaming simulations show that we are not accelerating fast enough,… we have to go faster”. It is in these terms that General Clinton Hinote, who is piloting the ...

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For its leaders, the US Air Force must move quickly or lose to China

If anyone still had doubts, the United States, and its armies, are actively preparing for a possible confrontation, and only one, against China. And to do so, the US ...

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The US Air Force sharpens its strategy to reduce the number of F-35As it will buy

For nearly 15 years, the US Air Force had only one answer to all questions concerning its fighter fleet, the F-35A. Decked out in the quasi-mystical abilities of ...

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F-35 costs once again in the sights of US Congress

The political and budgetary management of the United States' defense effort is not, as one might think, the responsibility of the White House, but of Congress. That's the reason…

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The US Air Force wants to design the NGAD program as a family of fighter jets

Since the early 70s and the arrival of the first digital systems on board combat aircraft, very few development programs have focused on developing, no…

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Facing Congress, US Air Force calls for more 15-EX, but no F35A

In the United States, the annual defense budget is certainly proposed by the administration in place, but it is above all decided and broken down by Congress, and not the executive. Of…

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The US Air Force wants to get rid of its first F35As

Decidedly, the US Air Force now has a hard tooth against the F35. After letting it leak out that she intended to lower the number of F35As that she will order from 48 to 43 units ...

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US Air Force begins resistance and wants to reduce F35A orders by 10%

We know that the US Air Force is more and more reluctant towards the plan which initially planned to acquire more than 1700 F35As to replace its fleet of F16s, ...

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