The Russian Navy wants more class 22350 frigates Admiral Gorshkov

Since the entry into service of the first frigate of Project 22350, the frigate Admiral Gorshkov, announcements follow one another to increase the number. Initially planned for only 4 units,…

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Modern Russian deep sea combat ships

If the Russian Navy often makes the news concerning its submarine fleet, its fighting surface fleet is today in full revival, and has new capacities likely to pose important…

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Vladimir Putin traces the trajectory for the modernization of the Russian Navy in the years to come

On the occasion of the 14ème meetings of the Defense, held in Sochi, the president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, has defined the main axes for the modernization of ...

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Frigates Admiral Gorshkov mark the revival of the naval industry and the Russian Navy

After a construction that will have taken almost 10 years, frigate Admiral Kasanotov, the first unit of series of the project 22350 class Admiral Gorshkov, has begun its tests ...

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The program "Super Gorshkov" becomes more precise

According to an article by the TASS agency, the future "heavy" frigates of the 22350M "Super Gorshkov" project will be equipped with 48 "long" missiles, namely a mix of Kalibr cruise missiles, ...

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When the Russian Defense Minister takes stock of his action

The Russian Minister of Defense, Sergei Shoigou, presented in a speech to the Defense Committee of the Duma's lower house, a review of the developments undertaken and effective ...

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The US Navy will have to increase its 35% format to face China in 2039

In 2018, the Chinese naval industry will have launched more 20 surface ships, including 5 destroyers, as many frigates, and 7 corvettes, as well as, it is estimated, 4 submarines including 2 nuclear propulsion.

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