Russian military naval production now surpasses Europe

On August 23, President Vladimir Putin announced the launch of the construction of 6 new ships for the Russian military fleet on the occasion of his visit to…

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The second corvette of the Russian Karakurt class starts his tests

The Sovetsk corvette, hull number 252, second representative of the 22800 Karakurt light-missile corvette project, was transferred to Lake Lagoda, to begin its manufacturer tests, before ...

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The hypersonic missile Zirkon tested this year from a frigate

According to the official Russian news agency Tass, the new frigate Admiral Gorshkov of the 22350 project, will carry out this year the first naval fire of the new hypersonic missile Zirkon, thus confirming that the…

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Russia confirms its hypersonic mastery by launching the "mini-Zirkon"

In an article published in the daily "Izvestia", the Russian authorities confirmed the development of a "mini" version of the hypersonic anti-ship missile, intended to equip ships with small…

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