Russian military naval production now surpasses Europe

On August 23, President Vladimir Putin announced the launch of the construction of 6 new ships for the Russian military fleet on the occasion of his visit to…

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Type 31, FDI, Gorshkov: What are the frigates worth today?

Today, the frigate is the surface combatant of excellence for the navies of the first rank, combining the versatility of their sensors with advanced weapon systems to ensure…

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Russia strengthens its naval system in the eastern Mediterranean facing Syria

Yesterday, an air raid, officially attributed to the Damascus regime, left at least 33 Turkish soldiers killed, prompting a swift response from Ankara, as well as the meeting in…

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India launches first P17A class frigate

If India is often in the news through its arms acquisition programs from abroad, it also has an increasingly efficient defense industry, as shown in ...

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Russia will test a new version of the supersonic anti-ship missile P-800 Onyx

Since 800, the P-2002 Onyx anti-ship missile has been the spearhead of anti-ship warfare on board heavy units of the Russian Navy. Able to hit targets at ...

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The hypersonic missile Zirkon tested this year from a frigate

According to the official Russian news agency Tass, the new frigate Admiral Gorshkov of the 22350 project, will carry out this year the first naval fire of the new hypersonic missile Zirkon, thus confirming that the…

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How to answer the calls of Ukraine against Russia?

For several weeks, even before the episode of Ukrainian ships boarded manu militari by the Russian Navy in the Kersh Strait, the Ukrainian authorities have not ceased to warn of the very notable strengthening ...

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India very close to concretizing its order of S-400

As more and more voices rise in the United States against the delivery of F-35 to Turkey, because of its intention to equip Russian S-400, India is about to sign the final order to equip 5 regiments of the star defense system of the Russian industry.

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