Type 31, FDI, Gorshkov: What are the frigates worth today?

Today, the frigate is the surface combatant of excellence for the navies of the first rank, combining the versatility of their sensors with advanced weapon systems to ensure…

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The Italian Navy will receive its new super-destroyers from 2028

In recent years, Italy has not hidden its Mediterranean ambitions, as well as those in the field of shipbuilding. And the construction plan of the Italian naval units presented ...

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Despite the Covid19 crisis, Italy will increase its defense budget by nearly 10% in 2021

Italy was one of the countries most affected by the first wave of the Covid-19 virus this spring, with nearly 250.000 cases diagnosed and 35.000 deaths. It was also ...

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Rome poised to win in Cairo on the rubble of Franco-Egyptian defense cooperation

At the beginning of last week, the Italian press revealed that Egypt would be negotiating for the acquisition of the last two Italian FREMM-GP general employment frigates, the F598 Spartaco Schergat ...

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Italy unveils its naval ambitions for 2035

The Italian Navy has published the new version of its strategic plan covering the period 2019-2034, and presenting the country's great ambitions in terms of navy. In…

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More information on the ASTER 30 Bock1NT

OCCAR announced that the ASTER 30 Block1NT program had passed, at the end of 2018, the preliminary design phase, defining the functionalities, objectives and technologies that will be used for its ...

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