With Admiral Nakhimov, Russia will have the most powerfully armed cruiser in 2023

The Soviet Kirov-class nuclear cruisers were, when they entered service in 1980, considered the most powerful surface naval units in existence, with the exception of aircraft carriers, and forced the US Navy to recommission 4 Missouri-class WWII battleship, to try to balance things out. Heavily armed, with nuclear propulsion and a crew of 800 officers and sailors, these ships had unparalleled firepower until the collapse of the Soviet Union. Over the next 30 years, two of the cruisers, the Kirov renamed Admiral Ushakov, and the Frunze renamed Admiral Lazarev, were retired…

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Russia orders 6 new corvettes for the Pacific fleet

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced, via the TASS agency, a new order for corvettes of the 20380 family, in order to strengthen and modernize the Pacific fleet between 2024 and 2028. Two of these ships will be Steregushchiy class corvettes of project 20380, while the 4 others will be of the Gremyashchiy class of project 20385, in both cases ships with significant firepower, and able to significantly strengthen Russian naval capabilities on its Pacific coast. The Steregushchiy class corvettes, 6 of which are already in service with the Baltic fleets and…

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The Russian Navy wants more class 22350 frigates Admiral Gorshkov

Since the entry into service of the first frigate of project 22350, the frigate Admiral Gorshkov, announcements follow one another to increase the number. Initially planned for only 4 units, the class has been continuously extended, first in April 2019 by the construction of 2 additional units, this time equipped not with 16 but with 24 UkSK silos that can accommodate missiles as long as the P-800 Onyx, the hypersonic 3M22 Tzirkon, and the 9M54 Kalibr cruise missile, while retaining the 32 silos for the anti-aircraft missiles of the Poliment-Redut system. A few months later, in September 2019, the Ministry of Defense…

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The Admiral Gorshkov Frigates mark the renewal of the naval industry and the Russian Navy

After a construction that will have taken nearly 10 years, the Admiral Kasanotov frigate, the first production unit of the Admiral Gorshkov class project 22350, has begun its sea trials for the Russian Navy, before entering service which should take place before the end of the year. After nearly three decades of lean cows and difficulties, the forthcoming entry into service of the new frigate marks the return of the Russian military naval industry to the market for high seas units, and allows the Russian Navy to begin the renewal of its ships inherited from the Soviet period. With a gauge...

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The "Super Gorshkov" program becomes clearer

According to an article by the TASS agency, the future "heavy" frigates of the 22350M "Super Gorshkov" project will be equipped with 48 "long" missiles, namely a mix of Kalibr cruise missiles, Onyx anti-ship missiles, and Zirkon hypersonic missiles, as well as a Poliment-Redut system, a naval version of the S350 which enters service this year in the Russian forces, equipped with 100 missiles. If these values ​​are confirmed, these frigates will therefore be equipped with almost 150 missiles in a silo, for a building weighing "only" 7000 tons, i.e. the equivalent of the Horizon frigates of the French Navy, which carry 48 Aster anti-aircraft missiles in silos and…

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