Taiwan is also developing a new fighter inspired by the American F-35

Whether you like Lockheed Martin's F-35 Lighting II stealth fighter or not, it is clear that the American aircraft has inspired many programs around the world since it entered service. We already knew the South Korean K-FX program with the KF-21 Boramae presented last year, the Turkish TF-X program which today is encountering major difficulties following Western sanctions, or even the Japanese FX, which today seems to be getting closer to the British Tempest. Beyond the Western sphere, there is little doubt that the Lighting II inspired the future Chinese J-35 which will equip the aircraft carriers of Beijing, while the program…

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Taiwan to equip MALE drones with Sky Sword I air-to-air missiles

Taiwan is undoubtedly today one of the countries evolving under the greatest external military pressure on the planet. Thus, the Chinese authorities have once again announced the holding of not one, but two major naval exercises in the South of the China Sea, and therefore near the independent island, at the beginning of the week. Moreover, one of these exercises will focus on an amphibious assault, a threat taken very seriously by the authorities in Taipei. This explains why Defense news so often deals with Taiwanese defense programs, whether local programs or the acquisition of Defense equipment from...

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Beijing deploys DF-17 hypersonic missiles to increase pressure on Taiwan

The annexation by force of the independent island of Taiwan seems to become one of the main concerns of the Chinese leaders and the People's Liberation Army, as they multiply the declarations and actions taking such a hypothesis as a framework. The latest action is none other than the supposed deployment of DF-17 surface-to-surface missile batteries near the south-eastern coasts of the country in order to be able to strike Taiwan in a very short time if necessary, the DF-17 being presented as a hypersonic missile. The English-language state website globaltimes.cn, relaying information from Taiwanese and Hong Kong media, has indeed…

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Taiwan, India: This time, China is no longer playing

Tensions between Beijing and its neighbors have been growing for several months. But this weekend, the semantics of the Chinese Communist Party has significantly evolved towards a direct threat to its Taiwanese and Indian neighbors, with the United States in sight. No longer a question of keeping up appearances now, President Xi Jinping has called on the People's Liberation Army to be ready to carry out war actions. The trigger for this vehemence seems to have been the visit to Taipei by US Under-Secretary of State Keith Krach on Thursday, September 17, the first visit by an official of this rank to the independence island since…

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Taiwan: T-5 Brave Eagle advanced training aircraft makes its first flight

Last September, the Taiwanese aircraft manufacturer AIDC presented its new advanced training aircraft, the T-5 Brave Eagle. Two days ago, the first prototype of the Brave Eagle made its first flight, perfectly in line with the development schedule announced last year. If the aircraft behaves as expected, a few pre-series aircraft should be produced from November 2021. In 2023, AIDC will start full series production, and 66 copies should be delivered to the Taiwanese air force, or Republic of China Air Force (ROCAF), by 2026. Derived from the Taiwanese F-CK-1 Ching Kuo combat aircraft, itself inspired by the…

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Production of new F-16V Viper for Taiwan has started in the United States

Production of Lockheed Martin's 66 new F-16V Viper fighters for Taiwan began at the end of April. On April 28, 2020, the US Department of Defense announced that the contract for the production of new General Electric F110-GE-129 reactors for Taiwan had been activated. The latter are intended above all to equip the F-16Vs built in the new Lockheed Martin factories in Greenville, South Carolina, even if they could later integrate some of the older generation F-16A/Bs already converted to the standard F-16V at AIDC's Shalu complex in Taichung. This announcement seems to mark…

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Taiwan wants to integrate an electronic war pod on its light aircraft F-CK-1 Ching-kuo

The Chungshan State Institute of Science and Technology, which manages the development of Taiwanese defense technologies, announced that the hundred Ching-kuo light fighters in service in Taiwan should soon be equipped with an electronic warfare pod developed locally. During the 1980s, following Washington's refusal to export the F-16 and the F-20 Tigershark light fighter, Taiwan set out to develop its own next-generation light fighter, the F-CK-1 Ching-kuo or Indigenous Defense Fighter. Initially, 250 aircraft were planned, but the order was reduced to 130 aircraft after France and the United States authorized the sale…

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