DARPA is developing combat drones equipped with air-to-air missiles and ... cannons!

We have already spoken about it on several occasions: the time has come for the shopping list for the American defense, which publishes its provisional budget for the fiscal year 2021. Beyond…

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Modern Chinese fighter planes

At the end of the 80 years and the beginning of the 90 years, the Chinese air forces were overwhelmingly equipped with locally manufactured aircraft with very inferior performance…

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Will Awacs E7 and E8 be the last representatives of this type of device?

Advanced aerial sensing aircraft, known as AWACS, have been indispensable tools of NATO air power since the 70 years. Able to detect devices ...

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Can China and Russia take the lead against the US Air Force?

The military power of the United States relies heavily on its ability to ensure air superiority, which depends for many of its advanced detection aircraft, such as E3 Sentry, E8 JSTAR or E2 Hawkeye.

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