As expected, the F35 strikes back in Germany to replace the Tornado

Earlier this week, the German authorities confirmed that they wanted to acquire 60 Typhoon fighter planes as well as 30 F / A 18 E / F Super Hornet and 15 EA…

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German Super Hornet aboard a French aircraft carrier: what if ?

A few weeks ago, information from Germany seemed to indicate that the Luftwaffe could choose to replace its last Panavia Tornado fighter-bombers with a mixed fleet of 90 new…

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The Eurofighter gets a makeover: Airbus DS in operation charm in the Rhine

On the occasion of its Trade Media Briefing 2019 in Manching (Germany) held earlier this week, Airbus DS has gathered the specialized press for a complete review of ...

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Airbus DS offers a version of the Typhoon for the elimination of anti-aircraft defenses

The Tornado ECR is today the only aircraft in Europe specialized in the suppression missions of the opponent's anti-aircraft defenses, or SEAD. The Italian Air Forces still put some ...

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Germany will order 91 AGM-88E anti-radar missiles to American Raytheon

If there is one area in which the air forces, and more particularly European, have lost in capacity, it is indeed in the suppression of the enemy radars. In France, the ...

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Germany at the heart of US strategy to impose F35

The federal government will soon launch the bidding process to replace the Luftwaffe Tornado with 2025. 4 aircraft, 3 US and one European, are in contention: the F15C Strike Eagle, the F18 E / F Super Hornet and F-35A Lightning II on the US side, and the Eurofighter Typhoon on the European side.

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Lockheed starts seduction campaign to convince Germany to buy F-35

The replacement of German Tornado seems to have become the focus of Lockheed and the US Air Force, which does not spare to try to seduce the government and the German public opinion

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