Will the United States push Beijing to fault the China Sea?

If you read Meta-Defense regularly, you know how critical tensions between Washington and Beijing are, especially around Taiwan and the China Sea. If the…

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The US Navy will have to reduce the tonnage of its aircraft carriers to maintain its format

The nuclear aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford is arguably today the most powerful combat ship to ever sail the oceans. Designed to support a very high…

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China responds to US "Provocations" in the China Sea

While the US Navy continues to conduct exercises in and around the China Sea, the People's Liberation Army responds by conducting, in this same area,…

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The aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford completes its Flight Deck Certification equipped with EMALS and AAG

While the question of the usefulness of super aircraft carriers still arises within the US Navy, the new generation of nuclear aircraft carriers (CVN) continues its development. Relative to…

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3 of 9 NATO operational nuclear aircraft carriers affected by the Covid-19 coronavirus

The Coronavirus epidemic continues to strike air and naval forces around the world, particularly those of NATO. Indeed, 3 of the 9 nuclear aircraft carriers currently in service, 8 aircraft carriers…

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The crew of the aircraft carrier USS T. Roosevelt could be landed to fight the epidemic of Covid19

Last week, we learned that the American aircraft carrier USS Théodore Roosevelt had to en route to Guam naval base following the resurgence of cases of coronavirus…

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