The program of the new aircraft carrier of the French Navy soon officially launched

Since its admission to service in May 2001, the French nuclear aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle has traveled a distance of more than 30 round the world, and spent nearly 2500 days at sea. With its air group of nearly 30 aircraft including 24 hunters Rafale, It has established itself as a major naval unit for France and for Europe, and has intervened in all the conflicts in which France has participated over this period: Afghanistan, Libya, Mali, Syria. It has undeniably demonstrated the operational and also diplomatic efficiency that such a ship represents for a country like France. So…

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More information on the ASTER 30 Bock1NT

OCCAR announced that the ASTER 30 Block1NT program had passed the preliminary design phase at the end of 2018, defining the features, objectives and technologies that will be used for its development. Thus, the missile will have a high-frequency Ka-Band seeker, increasing its accuracy and range, allowing the new system to engage and intercept ballistic missiles at intermediate ranges of up to 1500 km. The Aster 30 Block1NT represents the mid-life evolution of the Aster system. This modernization integrates the modernization of the missile itself, but also the fire control unit, and the transport silos, as well as the ability of the system to integrate into…

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