The US Navy will have to reduce the tonnage of its aircraft carriers to maintain its format

The Gerald R. Ford nuclear aircraft carrier is arguably the most powerful combat ship to ever sail the oceans today. Designed to support a very high…

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Pending the future aircraft carrier, the construction of the new BRF tankers of the French Navy begins in Saint-Nazaire

Yesterday, in the Chantiers de l'Atlantique in Saint-Nazaire, the cutting ceremony of the first sheet of one of the four future Force Supply Buildings took place. These new tankers ...

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Nuclear: a strategic asset for the French armies, and not only for its deterrence

The atom, in addition to its decisive character in our carbon-free electricity mix, pulls a set of industrial sectors upwards: chemicals, IT, artificial intelligence… The relaxation of State support for…

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Should we return to lighter aircraft carriers?

Although the Russian military authorities have indicated that, for the time being, the aircraft carrier project considered by the Russian Navy was still the 60.000-ton Shtorm concept, the project ...

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Why is the question of the second aircraft carrier still being postponed to the next term of office?

Since the withdrawal of the aircraft carrier Foch from service in 2000, the French Navy has only one vessel of this type. In fact, she is unable to provide ...

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