China's new on-board fighter will be unveiled before the end of 2021

The Naval Forces of the People's Liberation Army have experienced a meteoric rise over the past 20 years, going from a technologically very backward navy specialized in the defense of a restricted naval perimeter around the country, to a high-level military power. capable, in many aspects, of competing with the best navies in the world. Today, it aligns 10 heavy assault ships with a flight deck, including two Type 075 LHDs comparable to the US Navy's America-class LHAs, around thirty Type 052 destroyers and Type 055 heavy destroyers, as many frigates anti-submarine warfare Type 054A, sixty coastal anti-submarine warfare corvettes…

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What will be the capabilities of the future Chinese Type 003 aircraft carrier?

It has now been a year since the first blocks of China's future Type 003 aircraft carrier were moved from their assembly area to the dry dock at Jiangnan Shipyards in Shanghai, and the new ship is now taking shape as observations by Chinese spotters, especially when they take a commercial flight passing over these industrial facilities. Thus, last week, pictures showed that the ship had received its island, and that the entire hull had been finalized, allowing to have a more precise idea of ​​what this ship will be, of its operational capacities...

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After Taiwan, Chinese Navy tries to intimidate Japan

Clearly, Beijing seems very keen to show its new-found naval power to its neighbors, especially those who do not bow down enough to fulfill the ambitions of the Indo-Pacific superpower. Indeed, after having multiplied the major naval exercises near the island of Taiwan, it is now Japan's turn to take advantage of the force deployments of the Chinese fleet, in this case with a new deployment of the carrier battle group of the aircraft carrier Liaoning in the Miyako Strait, and around the island of Diaoyu (Chinese name) in the Senkaku archipelago, whose Beijing disputes the membership in Tokyo. This deployment of…

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China increases naval and air exercises around Taiwan

It has now been several years since the Democratic Progressive Party returned to power in 2016 with the election of Tsai Ing-wen, a staunch opponent of unification with the People's Republic of China, as President of the Republic of Taiwan. that tensions cease to grow between Taipei and Beijing. Tensions that have been greatly exacerbated by the Trump presidency, the latter's economic coup policy against China, and the very significant increase in arms sales to Taipei in recent years. But until now, the demonstrations of force of the People's Liberation Army had remained measured, and always...

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Military intervention in Taiwan becomes commonplace in Chinese communication

In just a few months, the Chinese international press, largely controlled by the country's central government, has profoundly changed its discourse concerning the tensions around the island of Taiwan, but also in the China Sea vis-à-vis the US Navy, and against the Indian Navy. Whereas at the start of the year, the tone was more one of denunciation of American "provocations" in the region, which could create exaggerated tensions, it now reports, in a precise and almost banal way, a military intervention against the independent island, as the likely outbreak of a conflict between Beijing and Washington or New Delhi. We have already discussed the subject...

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China steps up training pace for naval pilots

Many Western countries, including the United States, are struggling to find candidates to meet their recruitment objectives, especially for the most technical positions, such as combat pilots. This problem has become so critical that, from now on, the predictive capacity to find and train the right profiles is a limiting parameter in the dimensioning of forces, whether air, naval or land. Obviously, China does not have this problem. Indeed, on the occasion of the opening of online registration files for naval aviation pilot training, the Chinese Navy would have received no less than 16.000 applications according to the…

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Beijing deploys aircraft carrier to Taiwan as US Air Force unveils long-range strike capabilities

This weekend, the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning and its escort left Chinese waters to head for Pacific waters off the east coast of Taiwan. In the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic, this deployment appears to be a show of force for Beijing, which intends to maintain pressure on Taiwan. In response, the US armed forces also demonstrated the power of their air resources in the region, failing to be able to deploy an aircraft carrier to counter Chinese Liaoning. On Saturday evening, the Liaoning aircraft carrier accompanied by half a dozen escort ships was spotted by Japan in the Miyako Strait,…

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Chinese defense industry shut down following coronavirus outbreak

Beyond the health aspects, epidemics are historically recognized for their undeniable economic impact. If the contaminations themselves put workers out of action until they are cured (in the best of cases), the more or less generalized quarantine systems contribute even more companies to slow down or temporarily stop their activity. Today, in China, the defense sector is of course not spared by this phenomenon caused by the recent coronavirus epidemic, the evolution of which still seems uncertain to say the least. The French press did not fail to report the shutdown of the –civilian– Airbus assembly line in Tianjin, near Beijing. He…

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In 2030 the Chinese Navy will surpass the US Navy on the Indo-Pacific theater

Since the beginning of the 2010s, the Chinese Navy has undertaken to develop a powerful and modern high seas fleet, capable, in the long term, of challenging the US Navy's supremacy on the seas of the Indo-Pacific zone. This effort concerns both equipment, with the rise in power of the Chinese military naval industry capable today of producing all the buildings forming an ocean-going fleet at a sustained pace, and crews, with a very methodical and remarkably applied staff training plan for a coordinated growth of resources and know-how. In this article, we will explore the…

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