India suspends order for 10 Russian Ka-31 naval helicopters

Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, it is common to read that Russia is unanimously against it in the world, with the exception of a few satellite dictatorships, such as Syria or Venezuela. While it is true that during the votes at the United Nations, a majority of countries supported the motions against Moscow, many countries, and not the least, preferred to abstain rather than take a position against Russia. This was particularly the case for China, but also for Brazil, South Africa and India, the 4 other members of the BRICS format. If New Delhi has neither condemned nor…

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India could "postpone" the construction of its 3rd aircraft carrier

For ten years, the doctrine of the Indian Navy has planned to have 3 aircraft carriers by 2030. In addition to the Vikramaditya already in service, and the Vikrant under construction, both ships equipped with a springboard, the Indian Navy was to, at the beginning of the 2020s, begin the construction of the Vishal, a heavier aircraft carrier and equipped, this time, with catapults, making it possible to launch aircraft with a higher fuel and ammunition load, and therefore to to increase its operational capacities. But India has also been facing a significant economic slowdown for the past 2 years, and several military programs have already done so...

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