The hypothesis of a Chinese J-35 naval fighter derived from the FC-31 becomes clearer

Just a year ago, the Chinese authorities hinted that their future aircraft carriers equipped with catapults would implement a naval version of the J-20 fighter which ...

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China steps up training pace for naval pilots

Many Western countries, including the United States, are struggling to find candidates to meet their recruitment goals, especially for the more technical positions, such as combat pilots.…

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China's next 80.000-tonne aircraft carrier to enter service in 2025

While the second Chinese aircraft carrier, and the first ship of this type entirely designed and manufactured in China, entered service this week under the christening name "Shandong",…

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Will China stop building aircraft carriers?

According to the online information site "Hong-Kong South China Morning", the Chinese authorities have suggested that the production of aircraft carriers will be suspended, at least for a time, after the…

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China prepares mass production of aircraft carriers and other major units

While several photographs, whether taken from satellites or passionate residents, show that work on the new Chinese aircraft carrier, alternatively designated Type 002 or Type 003, is advancing ...

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