To finance the Tempest program, London could divide its fleet of F2B by 35

In 2010, the Royal Air Force justified, in part, the withdrawal of its 72 Harriers from service by the fact that the implementation of such a small fleet of aircraft ...

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HMS Queen Elizabeth and Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier: two different concept of naval air combat

On April 29, the British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth sailed from Portsmouth for a long sea test campaign. Previously, the entire crew was tested against the coronavirus, in order to…

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Royal Navy: HMS Prince of Wales revived, Naval Reservoir restoration

The Royal Navy admits its second STOVL (Short Take Off Vertical Landing) aircraft carrier to active service on December 10 at a major ceremony in Portsmouth naval base…

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Budget 2020: cocooning of a British Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier?

The HMS (Her Majesty Ship) Prince of Wales (2019?), An aircraft carrier for Vertical or Short Take-off and Landing (ADAV / C) of the Queen Elizabeth class should be admitted to…

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