5 surprise revelations about the Russian Army in Ukraine

Barely weeks before the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine, the Polish press echoed the results of a very disturbing simulation exercise. Designated “Zima-2020” (Winter 2020), it showed that a Russian offensive against Poland would see the fall of Warsaw in only 4 days, and all the key points of the country in only one week. Four weeks later, the Russian forces leading the offensive on Kyiv were blocked in the suburbs of the city, and suffered very heavy losses from a very combative but still poorly equipped and disorganized Ukrainian army. A month later, Moscow decided...

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Coastal defense batteries return to center stage

Traditionally, until the mid-60s, ports and military arsenals, as well as certain strategic locations on the coast, were frequently protected by coastal batteries, both anti-aircraft and anti-ship. But the erosion of the threat, especially after the collapse of the Soviet Union, as well as the appearance and democratization of missiles on board combat ships, led many countries to do without these defenses. However, in recent years, several armies have undertaken to acquire new capabilities of this type, in particular by acquiring coastal batteries equipped with anti-ship missiles. How can we explain this return to favor of defense batteries…

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The Ukrainian anti-ship missile Neptune shows its effectiveness

The Ukrainian site defence-ua.com, which specializes in defense issues, has published an exclusive video showing the test of the P-360 Neptune anti-ship missile which took place on April 2 near Odessa. The video shows the launch of the missile from its quadruple launcher, as well as the impact on the target net carried by the targeting barge. According to Oleg Korostelev, who runs the Ukrainian company Luch in charge of the Neptune program, the tests gave rise to 3 shots, all successful, against targets a hundred kilometers away. Based on the Kh35 anti-ship cruise missile, the P-360 Neptune in…

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