Serial production of Russian T-14 Armata tank set to start in 2022

Since the first official presentation of the new Russian main battle tank, the T-14 Armata, during the parade marking the seventieth anniversary of the end of the Second World War,…

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Russia tested T14 Armata heavy tank in Syria

Since 2015 and the first deployments of forces in Syria, the Russian armies have deployed many equipment under development and prototypes in this theater, to assess ...

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The first batch of 2S35 Koalitsiya self-propelled guns left the factory

The attention concerning the modernization of Russian mechanized forces is very often captured by the Armata family, whether it is the T-14 combat tank, the heavy infantry combat vehicle ...

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Russian forces order 2 new light self-propelled artillery systems

Artillery has been at the heart of Russian strategies for decades, which is why Russian forces today have 8 to 10 times more artillery systems than their counterparts ...

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Import substitution in the Russian defense industry: challenges and achievements

The division of labor between the various republics of the Soviet Union, organized since the Stalinist era, was intended to promote economic interdependence in order to consolidate a political edifice culturally and ...

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Is the Russian military-industrial complex threatened by its exorbitant debt?

On the occasion of the meeting of the commission for "military-technical cooperation between Russia and its international partners" on July 24, 2019, Vladimir Putin spoke of the positive results of ...

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