Despite diplomatic disagreements, Russia and Turkey could cooperate on the TF-X fighter plane

Just a month ago, we gave you news about the next generation fighter jet program in Turkey, the TF-X. Originally designed to allow…

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Turkish ambitions unveiled with the TF-X model

It was announced, Turkish Aerospace Industries was to unveil a scale model of its 5eme generation TF-X fighter program at the Paris Air Show. If it does not reveal ...

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Pakistan acquires Turkish combat helicopters

A year after signing a first historic contract by ordering 4 Corvettes from the Ada class to Turkey, Pakistan is reoffending and ordering 30's new T-129 ATAK helicopters to its Turkish automaker TAI, for an estimated $ 1,5 Md, the most important export contract of the Turkish Defense industry signed so far.

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Russia could join Turkish new-generation fighter program

As voices rise at the US Congress to suspend delivery of F-35A to Turkey, it confirmed that contacts had been made with the Russian aviation industry about the TF-X new generation fighter, officially announced the April 26.

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